While it’s great that you are looking at every option available to have an in-person commencement, not every graduating senior will be able to come back because of travel, jobs, etc. Our solution is a way for the seniors who will not be able to come back to have closure to their school careers. It can also be a supplement to your in-person graduation as a way to engage with those who cannot return.

Van Wagner is using a specifically purposed main-hub uplink: professional equipment designed for a produced, studio-experience. Without that, speakers could be disrupted (by troublemakers or technological issues), quality could be poor, and the experience will not look professional. This is the difference between a network “concert from home” and a Zoom, FaceTime or GoToMeeting session where everyone is connected together with no security, formal presentation or control.

Yes. If a school can provide graphics, video packages, and some equipment, we can still provide a secure production for a reduced cost.

Yes. Our platform, which is web driven for data collection, is secure and private. We are using a one-way uplink that is produced in real-time when collecting video of speakers. We (and you) will have complete control over the broadcast, and you can distribute as widely or limited as you want.

Van Wagner offers a similar platform to those who post video and graduates on a web page (or web link from your page). It is automated and displayed on a website for viewing by school. However, through our service, you have the option to do a similar treatment, but with more customization and high-end look. In addition, we offer a more engaging ceremony that includes a program and either photo profiles or video of graduates, congratulatory messages, social media integration, video montages, and more. Your graduation ceremony could have the feel of a professionally-produced event that can be pre-recorded for flexibility in when it airs.

Your run-of-show, speakers list, timing, and logo. We do the rest and coordinate with each school through an assigned producer from our staff. We will be in close contact with your team to answer any questions, provide clear communication, and help deliver a seamless event.  In most cases, students will need to pro-actively upload pictures and/or a 5-second video clip through a web link. Images and student information will be reviewed by the school, then used at the appropriate time during the ceremony broadcast.

Yes! You can contact us directly to find more at graduations@vanwagner.com. Our platform can also offer fully live virtual shows from multiple locations, depending on the scope and timing of your event. We use the same platform we used to help broadcast the first live virtual NFL Draft for the National Football League.